Thursday, September 06, 2007

Intruder In the Night

Last night I woke up to a noise and noticed that Daniel was awake so I asked him what he was doing.

"I think I heard something," was his reply. So I asked him what he had heard.

"Two things: I think I heard someone laughing and I heard water running and then being turned off." At this point he also let me know he was looking for his handgun and flash light.

Great. We live in a safe neighborhood and it is not a good feeling to wake up and be afraid. I did some quick thinking and remembered that I had set the dishwasher to the delayed cycle so that it would run in the middle of the night while we were asleep. It had woken me up an hour before Daniel woke up so I told him that the running water was probably the end of the dishwasher cycle and that he probably dreamed that someone was laughing.

We both lay awake and still for the next 30 minutes listening in the dark. There were no more noises and we both agreed that the dishwasher must have been the "intruder." After a little while Daniel decided to get up and investigate just to be sure.

I don't know if you have ever heard a handgun being cocked in the dark, but it is a LOUD noise. He made his way through the house and turned on all of the lights. After he was sure it was just us in the house, we finally went back to sleep.

So there was no intruder... just a noisy dishwasher. I will probably refrain from running it on delay in the middle of the night in the future.

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