Saturday, September 01, 2007

75% Discount At Lowe's

First of all I am annoyed b/c I just wrote my whole note and I lost it!!! So here goes again...

Daniel and I have been finalzing our mega shopping list for Lowe's. We have a 10% off coupon and if you use your Lowe's card for purchases this weekend you get 0% interest for 12 months. I know that this is not the Dave Ramsey way, however we are pumping equity into our house and since we are doing all of the work ourselves we will eventually recoup the investment.

Anyways on to the story of the evening... tonight we were on our way to Barnes & Noble and decided to make a stop at a Lowe's that we normally do not go to b/c we wanted to make sure we were both happy with the tile selection for the master bathroom. While there, we swung by the bathroom section and noticed that they had the vanity and mirror we had been eyeing on sale marked down from $148 to $42!!!

We were really excited about this and decided to go ahead and make the purchase tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow b/c our normal Lowe's was selling the same thing for $84. We were soon disappointed to find out that this store did not have any of our vanities in stock, but another store across town did.

So we hightailed it across town and found both the vanity and the mirror. However they had different prices and would cost $84 and $50 instead of $42 and $25. We decided the price was still good, but Daniel stopped by customer service just to see if they would give us a deal.

The customer service guy was emphatic that all of the stores were different and that he couldnt give us the cheaper price but he agreed to call Lowe's corporate HQ just to see. After being on hold for some time, he got of the phone and incredulously told us that someone at HQ must be smoking crack b/c even though several stores had the item on back order, they said to go ahead and give us the discounted prices! So instead of paying the original price of $250 for both items, we only paid $84!!!

We only had one small problem... we were in the Altima instead of the Pathfinder b/c we were not planning on making any big purchases tonight. The box that the vanity was in would not fit in our car. We had to take everything out of the box and put the vanity bottom in the front seat, the vanity drawer in the back seat with me and the granite counter top and the mirror in the trunk! Daniel broke down the box with his pocket knife and shoved it into the back seat with me! This kind of reminded me of when I was in college and me and my siblings bought my parents a TV for Christmas one year. It would not fit in the car so we had to take it out of the box in the parking lot. It still would not fit into my car so I had to call Daniel to come pick it up in my parents mini van!!!

We need to just start driving our Pathfinder any time we have the inkling to go to Lowe's or Home Depot!

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