Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Daniel got up early this morning, before work, to do some last minute sanding in our guest room. We are trying to get the room painted and trim installed before Daniel's dad gets here tomorrow.

I got up and skipped my morning work out so that I could finish painting the guest bedroom. Afterwards, I took a quick shower and then headed out to meet a friend for lunch.

This afternoon I painted all of the door casing and basecap so that we will be ready to install the trim tonight when Daniel gets home from work. Thankfully today is not as hot as it has been AND as much as we need the rain, I am thankful that it did not rain while I was outside painting the trim. So hopefully we will get all of the door casings and baseboard installed tonight so that I can spend all day tomorrow cleaning before Daniel's dad gets here.

Still no word on job stuff... this is disappointing, but I am hanging in there. Only time will tell what God has in store for me.

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