Sunday, September 30, 2007


In our home church on Sunday nights, we are doing a study on stress that is based on the book of Philippians and Paul's letters that were written during his time of adversity. Even when things went wrong for Paul, he still continued to praise God in every situation.

From our discussion tonight, one thing really stuck out to me. Your perspective is really what determines your stress level. If you react to every situation like it is the end of the world, your stress level is probably going to be high.

So my thoughts for the coming weeks are as follows: If something in my life seems out of control or like bad things are continually happening I will ask the following question: Has anybody died?

If no one has died, then the situation, while serious, does not merit me having a panic attack about it. If no one has died, situations can be dealt with and we will persevere no matter what life throws at us. Satan will not distract me with petty arguments or critical comments from others. I will not waste time passing the blame on to others or trying to be defensive about anything.

I will live my life by having faith in God and constant prayer and by not worrying about things that I cannot control in my life or in the lives of others.

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