Sunday, September 09, 2007

Under the Weather

Daniel has felt a little under the weather all weekend. We had big plans to finish some of painting projects and get baseboard and crown molding installed this weekend, but Daniel spent most of the weekend laying on the couch or in bed. He doesn't get sick that often and it really drives him nuts to have to lay down for so long due to a lack of energy. He seems to be on the mend. His symptoms have been limited to a general lack of energy and a runny nose... nothing spectacular.

We are trying to make some headway on projects as the next 3 weekends we have back-to-back plans. Next weekend we are off to the Outer Banks with Daniel's dad. The following weekend, Daniel's mom and grandmother will be here for a visit. And the weekend after that, some friends from Nashville will be visiting us.

Hopefully we can still do a push during the week to get some of these projects tied up. Most importantly I hope that Daniel will start feeling like his usual self again.

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