Saturday, September 18, 2010

50 Days... the good. the bad. the random.

Today marks 50 days of living in a camper.

It is amazing how quickly the time flies by. It definitely has not been what we expected – but then again how do you really prepare yourself for living full time in a camper?

Here is a quick recap of the good, the bad and the random things we have experienced in the last 50 days...

The Good:
  • After 5 months of living apart, we have enjoyed living in the same place again.
  • Cleaning isn't too hard when you only have 177 square feet of living space.
  • You only need about 10% of the stuff you own {we don't even use all of the 10% that we kept out of storage}.
  • We are enjoying cable television {that we don't have to pay for}.
  • Owning two laptops {I think we could live anywhere, in any situation if we had laptops and internet}.
  • Falling asleep to night sounds.
  • Starry skies. 
  • Tennessee sunsets.
  • The fact that Daniel works 4-days a week {which gives us plenty of time for doing things we love}.
  • No visits to the ER this year {knock on wood}.
The Bad:
  • Having to walk Sophie at all hours {night or day} since we can't open a door and let her run outside alone.
  • Feeling like we are in college again when we haul our laundry to family members houses or laundromats.
  • Washing dishes in a kitchen sink that is barely bigger than a dinner plate.
  • Figuring out all things camper related... like how to keep your black water tank from smelling like black water :(
  • The heat and humidity of August in Tennessee... makes you want to hide inside.
  • The campground filling up with tents of loud kids/teenagers on the weekends.
  • Mosquitoes, tics and chiggers.
The Random:
  • My addiction to the Food Network.
  • Being informed that I needed a marriage license to get my driver's license.
  • Feeling motion sick due to a broken wheel chock.
  • Realizing that we are both out of shape and working on remedying that.
  • Spending a significant amount of time joking about our upcoming move to rural Alabama... I guess it is our way of staying grounded. Laughing about life is better than crying about it, right?

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