Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cash or Check

Over the last ten years checks have become somewhat obsolete to me. As in I write a check about once a year {if that}. I also carry limited amounts of cash {like $20 max}.

It looks like I may have to change my ways... 

Case in point: 
Yesterday I went by the Environmental Office at the County Health Department because Daniel wanted me to look into any permits that may have been pulled regarding septic systems at the house we are considering buying. He also wanted results of any soil tests that may have been run on the property. 

Unfortunately I discovered that the health inspectors are rarely in the office and was told to come back today in hopes of catching them.

I went back this morning and made my request. The secretary told me it would cost $25 to run a search. I asked her what forms of payment they accepted and she said CASH or CHECK. I only had $18 on me and no checks {primarily because a lot of places in the city don't accept checks anymore}.

I told the secretary I would have to go get cash and come back. She asked me if I had a check and looked rather shocked when I told her I didn't carry a checkbook...

We are used to paying a majority of our bills online and we use plastic {that we pay off each month} for most of our purchases. I guess this is just another form of culture shock that we will have to adapt to...


  1. I'm really enjoying these updates. I thought moving to Rock Hill was a little culture shock! The one thing I've enjoyed here versus Charlotte is that among the places I frequent for work errands and such, I have gotten to know the business owners and employees. It's nice to walk in and have a small chat instead of zipping around in anonymity like I did in Charlotte. At least in Rock Hill, I can use a debit card though. I hardly know what a check even is.
    Glad to see you're doing well!

  2. Thanks Shelley! It is definitely different being in such a small town. People do seem to know each other better - which has its benefits.

    Restaurants {that aren't mom&pop} and Walmart take plastic, so that is good.

  3. I remember being in Hawaii once and having no plastic at that point in our lives - this was back in the dark ages about 30 years ago! We only had cash and the powers that be would not let us rent a car without plastic. We were up the proverbial creek without a paddle! Love Mom


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