Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's the Motion of the Ocean

Over the last couple of weeks I have been suffering from motion sickness while in the camper. We are obviously on solid ground {at the base of a mountain in a land locked state} but every time I walk around or stand up for extended periods of time {like when I wash the dishes or cook}, I get dizzy. It is very similar to the feeling you get when walking around in an airplane mid flight or on a moving train. Outside of the camper I am fine. 

Wheel Chocks {via}
There are two main things that are supposed to keep the camper from moving: the wheel chocks and the stabilizer bars. We periodically have to crank the stabilizers back up. Last Friday Daniel investigated why our camper was moving so much and he discovered that one of the wheel chocks had cracked.

Stablizer Bar

Last night we tried to remedy the wheel chock problem by using pieces of wood to help support the wheels. Unfortunately I still feel dizzy. So I think we are going to go ahead and replace the wheel chocks with some heavier duty ones.

Who knew that I would feel motion sick in a parked camper?!?

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