Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Locked Out

Last night {after viewing houses} we returned to the hotel and decided to be as quiet as possible when opening the door to our room in order to surprise Sophie. 

Daniel put the key card in the door, the green light turned on and he turned the handle. But it wouldn't open. He tried again. Same problem. He tried a third time and we wondered aloud if this was the right room. 

By then Sophie knew we were outside and had started to whine. We tried yet again and still a no go so Daniel went downstairs to get help while I stayed in the hallway and tried to calm Sophie down {she was starting to go into melt down mode}. 

Daniel finally came back with the guy from the front desk who tried his master card – which didn't work either. Then he pulled out a master key to unlock the door.

We went in first to grab our very upset dog. Daniel took her outside to walk and calm down while I stayed in the room so that the hotel guy could tried to fix the lock. He tried several different things but nothing worked. In the end he had us move across the hall to another room. 

That was a bit of an unexpected to way to end our evening.

House Hunting Update:
We viewed four homes last night. We liked three out of the four. Tonight we have one new one to view and we plan to look at one of the homes from last night again. Our goal is to make an offer on a house by the end of the week...


  1. Awesome! So happy for y'all. As soon as I get some money and a spare I'm coming down

  2. Sorry about Sophie being upset! Glad to hear progress on your house hunting. Can't believe my 2 daughters are moving into nice big houses. Love Mom

  3. Thank you guys! Can't wait til we get settled and you can all come visit :)


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