Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Driver's License

After a month in Tennessee, I finally got around to getting my driver's license {which I needed to get a library card}. Anyways, last Friday, Daniel and I went to get my license and are cars registered {with new tags}.

Six years ago, when we moved to North Carolina, getting these things done was a nightmare. We were running in circles trying to meet all of their requirements {which did not seem to be posted online} and we had to retake our driver's license test. In addition, it cost us about $800 in taxes to register our vehicles. The whole ordeal was a HUGE hassle.

Being back in Tennessee was much easier {mostly}. The requirements to get your license are clearly stated online. So Last Friday, we took everything with us and the ornery guy behind the counter proceeded to tell me that I needed a marriage license to get my driver's license. 
Say what!?!?! 

We were annoyed and there was obviously no point in arguing with this guy, so we proceeded to the county clerk to register our cars. While there, we ASKED the county clerk about the marriage license and he looked as incredulous as we had. Even though I didn't have a TN license, he allowed us to put both of our names on the registration. BTW registering vehicles in Tennessee cost us $75 instead of $800.

So on Monday, with the car registration in hand, I went BACK to the license place. Luckily this time I talked to a new person and they accepted my proofs of residence without any hassles. I am officially a TN resident again.

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