Sunday, September 26, 2010


Friday night Daniel and I took Daniel’s Dad {Wesley} to Sam’s Club to look at new mattresses. Daniel’s sister and her husband {Emily & Josh} met us for dinner beforehand and then went with us to Sam’s.

At Sam’s we pulled out several mattresses to test them out {this was for Wesley’s guest room so he wanted us to have a say on the kind of mattress we would sleep on when visiting}.

Daniel did most of the testing and then told me that I needed to take a turn on the mattress for the final seal of approval.

The mattresses were on rollers that pulled out from the metal shelves. We had one pulled out a little more than half way. When I went to lie down, I sat down and leaned backwards onto the mattress. I promptly banged my head on the metal shelf behind me.

My skull hitting metal gave a loud thump. Not a pleasant end to a Friday night. I seem to be fine but I have a lovely bump on the back of my head that is still tender.

Not a total knockout, but not fun either.


  1. So sorry - you didn't mention that fact when we talked the other day! Love, Mom

  2. I thought I told you guys that! Thankfully I am doing fine :)


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