Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project 52 Date Nights: Chiggers

Since Daniel and I don't have kiddos, we date pretty consistently. This weekend we managed to take a hike, see a double feature at the drive in, window shop at the mall, go to the bookstore, eat out, share a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and go for another hike. All in the name of spending time together. And we like it.

Since embracing the living-in-a-camper lifestyle we have had issues with various bugs. I am not sure if we would be dealing with this stuff because we live in a campground or if we are just more blessed with critters because we live in Tennessee.

The first week or two {in the camper} Sophie was experiencing a full-on attack by tics. I found those suckers on her everyday. And then to top things off she managed to get into seed tics {the worst by far because there were so many of those things}.

Next up was me experiencing flea bites {not fun}. I think that I can thank the stray cats of the campground for this little present. 

Then last night Daniel discovered that he had chiggers on him. He has bites all over his stomach and legs. We are fairly certain he picked up these little guys on our Sunday afternoon hike. The interesting thing is he was wearing hiking boots with wool socks and pants with a belt and a t-shirt. His goal had been to avoid poison ivy. I, on the other hand, had on chaco sandals, shorts and a t-shirt and I came back unscathed. I feel pretty bad for Daniel, I used tweezers to pull off any remaining bugs last night and he was pretty miserable. He woke up at 4AM this morning and took a Benadryl {no biking today} and used some hydrocortizone cream to combat the itchiness. 

We are looking forward to the cooler temps and less bugs to irritate us.


  1. Wow, what a great weekend until the end. I hope his chiggers go away soon. They're no fun.

  2. Thank you! Having a miserable hubby is not a good way to start the week. Hopefully the itching will subside soon.

  3. So sorry for all the bugs than seem to be zeroing in on you and yours. Mom

  4. we have definitely had our fair share.


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