Friday, September 17, 2010


Today we had a case of:
"What do you wanna do?"
"I dunno, what do you wanna do?"
"I don't know."
And repeat.

We thought about mountain biking or hiking, but we wimped out because of the weather. I mean do we really want to sweat that much?

Then we thought about doing something touristy like visiting The Lost Sea or Ruby Falls, but it seems silly to pay money to experience the great outdoors.

So we decided that it would be fun to go spelunking. We used to do that a lot. Many years ago. In college. It was how we met. Unfortunately the only info we could find was on commercialized caves and we didn't really want to pay to go on a "wild" cave adventure that was led by some young whipper snapper who knew less about caves than we did.

I tried googling caves and NSS {National Speological Society}. I didn't find a whole lot. I did come across a group based out of Murfreesboro called the Tennessee Central Basin Grotto that plans trips {including surveying trips and cave rescue}. It is only $12/year to join and there are monthly trips to caves in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. We are considering joining so that we can explore wild caves again as well as meet people who share our interests. Maybe when things settle down a bit {i.e. after we buy a house}...

We didn't end up doing anything. One of Daniel's co-workers had a car wreck and needed someone to come pick him up and I ended up getting a last minute freelance project. At least we still have Saturday and Sunday to do something fun...


  1. Remember the time you and Mark and Dad visited a wild cave and got home at midnight? As I recall, Mark thought he was going to die in there - thinking you and Dad had lost the way (but really hadn't) Love, Mom


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