Monday, November 01, 2010

Unpacking Progress

Boxes ready to be unpacked in the kitchen.

We have made a pretty significant dent in our unpacking. Part of the holdup at this point is that we have a ton of closet space but no real closet organization system. Very few shelves and no bars to hang clothes on!

 Kitchen in progress.
The first thing to be unpacked was the kitchen.

Unpacked kitchen.
 Goodbye eating out for most of our meals!

Unpacked boxes.

The second big thing was buying and putting together our new table and chairs {we sold our old table in Charlotte because we didn't love it and we had purchased it through Craigslist – we just sent it back into the CL universe}.

Driving home from Atlanta with our new table, chairs and sideboard.

I have one slight conundrum in the kitchen. I own a lot of spices and have nowhere to put them. I am considering buying a spice rack, but it needs to hold ALL of my spices and most spice racks seem to come with spices {I don't exactly need more spices}...

Suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. Fun!
    I bought a double-decker lazy susan at Target for the spices. I can keep it in a cabinet and spin it around to fetch what I need. It has rubber on the base, so everything stays in place.

  2. How many spices will it hold? I have about 40 different containers...

  3. LOVE your table and chairs. Congrats on getting moved in and good luck with the rest of your packing!

  4. Can you believe we got them at SAMS???

  5. The house is looking good! I've seen spice racks at Williams Sonoma and Bed Bath and Beyond that come with containers that are empty and you could dump your current spices into. I would say they held about 20 or so.


  6. Thanks Shannon - I will look into that. I currently have about 40 different containers of spices! I may just have to separate my most used from the occasional use ones.


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