Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bed Inspiration

Daniel and I have been thinking about getting a new {king-size} bed for our master bedroom. Our bedroom is large and a king-size bed would fit the space better. We love our current bed, but the occasional time we let Sophie get in bed with us, it is waaaaayyyyy too crowded. In addition we currently have a futon in one of our guest bedrooms, so it won't hurt to move our queen-size bed upstairs.

We are in the window-shopping phase, but hopefully we can find something we can both agree on. I really want an upholstered bed – it is perfect for reading in bed. This is a feature that I love in our current bed. I also want to have a foot board because when we lived in the camper we didn't have a foot board and all of our blankets always ended up in the floor.

So here are a few options I like... 

This is very similar to our current queen-size bed.

I really like the shape and color of this one, but it doesn't have a foot board.

Again, no foot board.

Why don't they make more beds with foot boards?

I like the extra storage with this one... but no foot board. arrgggghhhh!!!!

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