Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Snowboarding at Sugar

My husband is an engineer. And as you might guess, this makes him very practical and a bit of a planner. As in, there are not many things that he can do without sitting down and making an excel spreadsheet first. However, he does have a spontaneous side. When it comes to planning trips, he will do his research ahead of time and figure out basically what we will do, but the actual committing to a trip can come at the drop of a hat.

Case-in-point: We were considering taking a winter trip to the mountains. MLK weekend seemed like a good time. And with the recent snow precipitation, it seemed perfect. So last Thursday afternoon, Daniel started calling cabins to see if we could get a rental for the long weekend. We were both a bit doubtful that anything would come up as it was a holiday weekend, it had just snowed 8+inches AND we were looking for a rental for the next day.

Surprisingly enough Daniel found a place. And as a bonus, he managed to get us one night for free. This is how we roll. For vacations, we have found if you call last minute, you can usually get a sweet deal. Especially if you are using VRBO.com {vacation rental by owner}.

The cabin we rented was actually 3 BRs {more than we needed}, so we invited several of our friends. Evidently, most people plan ahead of time and were not available for a last-minute retreat. But our friend Chris had the weekend open, so he met us with his six-year-old son, Andrew.

Our original plans had consisted of trying to snowshoe, maybe ski and possibly get in some tubing. When Chris arrived with plans to snowboard, we decided that snowboarding could be a lot of fun {and it would put me and Daniel on equal footing}. 

Andrew put me and Daniel to shame with his utter lack of fear and natural ability {probably inherited from Chris}. Daniel and I had a good time learning how to control the board. Unfortunately the crowds at Sugar Mountain were ridiculous – it was a waste to buy a lift ticket. We just stayed down low and practiced with the snowboard. Also, after 3 hours on the slopes, my feet were starting to feel numb, so I called it a day. Daniel stayed an extra couple of hours to use the lifts.

We decided to forgo snowshoeing because it involved a guide leading you straight up the ski slope. If we are going to snowshoe, we would rather go out to a trail and not do it with a group of strangers. I think that I like snowboarding more than skiing. I felt more in control and I like that my legs couldn't shoot out in opposite directions.


We ended the night with dinner from Cookout {which we REALLY MISS}. Overall snowboarding was a success. We both came home sore and I am still feeling stiff in my knees from all of my falls. In the future, we would rather go on a week day when there are no crowds, but I guess you can't be too picky about when the snow will fall...

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