Friday, January 28, 2011

Greeting Cards: I Love You More

Back when Daniel and I were living in two different states, I started a series of 5x7 cards that I would sneak into his luggage when he left for the week.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep it up the entire time {read: I got lazy, or busy, or both}. Anyways, the cards I did make, Daniel kept and they are now a sweet reminder that we made it through a difficult time together.

I have been thinking about these cards lately and decided to finish the series. This will help me to mark #58 off of my life list and it will be a great creative outlet for me while I have extra time on my hands {read: only occasional freelance projects and the unlikely chance of a full-time design job in rural Alabama}.

So, I have decided to share one design each month throughout this year. To kick of the series is the very first card I made for Daniel.

For us, the pun "I Love You More" has special meaning since our last name is Moore. In addition, I am addicted to blogs and coffee, but Daniel will always be more important to me than either of those things.

*Note the original idea for the first card, came from, the rest of the concepts are completely my own. 

© Cheree Moore  

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