Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hair cuts are the very last thing I get around to doing for myself. The reason for this is twofold. One: I have been the recipient of a couple of bad hair cuts, which really shake a girl's confidence. Two: committing to a hair stylist means accepting that we are officially a part of a community.

In Cookeville, it took me two years to find a hair stylist I liked. Then we moved.

In Charlotte, I haphazardly went to various places. I just couldn't commit. I liked most of the places I tried, but at the time, I felt like I was terrible at making small talk, so I just avoided putting myself in that kind of situation. We lived in Charlotte for six years and I would find myself waiting to visit my sister in Memphis or taking a trip home to Searcy, to get my hair cut. Kind of ridiculous.

Well we have been in Hollywood for 1.5 years and I decided that it was time.

Actually my hair was shouting at me that it needed to be cut. Post-pregnancy hair is the worst. Mine was super long {for me} and it was falling out like crazy. I had read that this is normal, but it was getting out of hand. It would take me an extra 10 minutes in the shower just to get all of the loose hair off my hands {this was doubling my shower time which is not good when you have an infant}. Further more I was finding my hair in all sorts of ridiculous places – like Jack's diapers. I would check carefully whenever I changed his diaper but it never failed, on the next change I always seemed to find more hair.

Also there is the problem of dust bunnies on my wood floors. Daniel kept telling me to brush Sophie to help with the dust bunnies, but the sad truth was that over half of the problem has been my hair.

So I finally decided to commit. I asked my kickboxing instructor who she recommended {she grew up here, so I figured she would have a good idea} and she pointed me in the direction of Andrea, who I called right away to set up a Friday appointment. 

Granted it was not like going to a salon like I might visit in Charlotte or Nashville, but I really liked Andrea. And the whole experience felt more like a scene from Steel Magnolias – where you sit around and learn about everything that is going on in town. We talked for over an hour and not once did I feel uncomfortable. Maybe I am just more secure now that I am older, but I felt like Andrea was genuinely interested in me and it wasn't just petty small talk. At the end of our session, she even gave me a hug. I left feeling like I had made a new friend.

The best part is that my hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love.


  1. Love the new hair cut! And the fact that you donated it makes it even better!

  2. Thanks Molly! It is always nice when you can donate to something like LoL.


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