Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Horse Whisperer

Yesterday one of Daniel's co-workers told him that The Horse Whisperer was going to be in Scottsboro and he thought we might be interested in attending.

Well, we have been trying to make an effort to do local things, though we have been failing miserably, so this seemed like a good event to go to.

The Horse Whisperer is a Baptist Ministry that focuses on training a horse that has never been ridden. In the span of 90 minutes. During the training session, the Horse Whisperer, Sammy Gilbreath, shares his faith and speaks about how God is trying to tame each of us. Sammy wants the horse to choose to submit to him, he doesn't want to beat the horse into submission. Likewise, God doesn't want to force a relationship with us. Like the horse, we can run away, we can kick, we can fight God, but in the end God will guide us into submission. He will gently wait until we are ready to have a relationship.

It was a very interesting event. Sammy did a great job of adapting his message to the horse he was working with. And by the end of the evening Sammy was riding the horse around the ring with no problem.

On a separate note, I absolutely LOVE that children can communicate with each other through smiles and giggles, regardless of language barriers...

During the event {which was actually closer two hours than 90 minutes}, we were sitting beside several Hispanic families. Most of which didn't speak English – they had a translator. There were three little girls who were smitten with Jack. The little girls made lots of faces at Jack and would say "Hola." I started saying "Hola" back to them and they would giggle and laugh and run away. But they kept coming back because they couldn't resist Jack's smiles. Jack was fascinated by the little girls. By the end of the evening they were giving Jack hugs. It was precious.

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