Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Things (Random, March 2012)

There are several 5K races that are currently on my radar. I am hoping to do at least one of them {hopefully April-ish}. 

Is it weird that I am more psyched about participating in a 5K than I am about shopping for clothes? I might like shopping more if I could just order outfits I liked off of Pinterest {but only if they were cheap}.


I haven't done any crafts in the last couple of weeks. Not because I don't have a long list of projects I want to start, more because my crafting partner is moving back to the city and I just haven't felt like crafting by myself. Next week, I will buck up and make the crib skirt for my sister and cover some boxes in fabric for Jack's toys.


My friend that is leaving is also the person that got me interested in running. We ran our first 5K together back in December of '10 and then we committed to running the Nashville Half Marathon last April. It was an amazing experience. I am thankful that she motivated me to run. I will miss her.


Speaking of friends, I am so glad that Daniel and I are good friends. There have been so many times I would be lost if it wasn't for our friendship. Being in a big city can be lonely. Being in the country can be lonely. Friends move. We move. But Daniel and I are each others constants and I am grateful for that.

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