Thursday, October 23, 2014

Old McDonald's Farm 2014

This year we continued our tradition of visiting a Pumpkin Patch on Columbus Day weekend. Daniel had to work on the actual holiday so we decided to try our luck and go to Old McDonald's Farm in Sale Creek (about 30 minutes north of Chattanooga) on Sunday.

This was a mistake.

Daniel and I hate crowds and a Sunday so close to Halloween proved to bring out the crowds. 

There were plenty of activities to do, but the lines were so long. If you have a toddler, you understand that lines and toddlers don't go together. So we had to do a lot of divide and conquer.

One of us would hold a spot in line, while the other wandered around with Jack. So much for getting good family photos!

First up, I stood in line for the petting zoo while Jack and Daniel went down the big slide in the barn. Jack really loved this and probably would have done it all day long.

After petting the animals, we moved on to a toddler-sized hay bale maze. 

Jack enjoyed jumping on and over the bales of hay. 


We then proceeded to a bigger pile of hay for jumping. Followed by a corral of bouncy horses.

Finally Jack said he wanted to ride the train wagon that toured the farm. I waited in line for 40 minutes while Daniel and Jack found a tractor to sit on and a game of corn hole.

After the wagon ride, we decided to call it a day. The line for the hayride was even longer and the pumpkin wasn't included in the price (like it is at Crow Creek). 

We let Jack pick out a pumpkin (he knew we were at the farm to get a pumpkin and refused to leave without one). Thankfully he didn't realize that we could have ridden a hayride out to the actual pumpkin patch.

I was disappointed about not going out to the pumpkin patch, but we were all finished with lines and crowds of people. Jack had a good time and didn't seem to be too bothered by the crowds (though he didn't do much standing in line).

Next year, regardless of where we go, we will plan on going during the week.

Also, we really liked the Crow Creek Pumpkin Patch and would consider making the drive down to Alabama in the future.

Old McDonald's Farm cost is $12/person and 2+under are FREE. Your pumpkin is a separate cost.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

25th Anniversary

In my family 25th wedding anniversary's are kind of a big deal. I come from a long line of people who have chosen, and worked hard, to have longevity in their marriages. These marriages are not perfect, as people are not perfect, and there have been divorces within the family, but marriage is serious business to us.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending my Aunt and Uncle's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Long ago my parents started a tradition that when you reach your 25th anniversary you receive a silver teapot set that gets passed along from couple to couple. Everyone who is married in our family has their names and the dates of their anniversary stored inside this teapot. My aunt and uncle will be the 4th couple to receive the teapot since the tradition started. 

Daniel and I have 13 years to go until we receive the teapot set – there are 3 couples in line ahead of us to receive it. I know it is just a teapot, but it is something to strive for. It is a reminder that people before us have worked through difficulties and carried on in good times and in bad. I feel blessed to have this tradition in our family.
*Unfortunately I can't find a photo of the teapot. I will update the blog later with an image

One other thing I wanted to include in this post is a story my mom wrote many years ago of how my Aunt and Uncle met...

The Story of Malvin and Becky 
By Lois Voyles, Illustrated by Cheree Voyles Moore (circa 1989)

Congratulations Uncle Malvin and Aunt Becky on 25 years of marriage! Their children, Andrew and Moriah, did a fabulous job of throwing them a surprise party! We wish you many more years of choosing love and happiness!
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