Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hike: Bucks Pocket State Park

I remember the first time we took Sophie hiking. It was a lesson in patience for me and Daniel. She barked and growled at EVERY person and dog we came across. She wrapped her leash around every other tree. She pulled on her leash like crazy and went berserk whenever she caught the scent of a squirrel.

We have come a long way from that first hike. 

Today we went to Bucks Pocket State Park for a quick hike in the woods on the Point Rock Trail. We had planned on a Saturday hike, but we were in a groove of completing projects that we didn't want to tear away from. Today we woke up to overcast, cooler weather which was a bit of a disappointment since yesterday was gorgeous.

We thought about throwing in the towel and playing racquetball instead but we finally decided to go on and do the hike. It turned out to be a good hike. Nice and cool. And Sophie had a blast. We were pretty much the only people on the trail. Sophie no longer wraps her leash around trees and we can let her off leash to roam at her heart's content. She was in doggy heaven, running up and down the side of the mountain. She does really well with following the trail and stopping to make sure we are still following her.

At one point we had to climb up some large rocks. Daniel jumped across. Sophie went behind him. Stopped to access the situation. Whined a little and then jumped across as well. 

Hiking with her can be a lot of fun. She is really good most of the time. Of course at the end, she got the scent of something and took off up the mountain. It took us a while to coax her back to us. Overall a good hike. I think we will head back on a nicer day so that we can enjoy the views.

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