Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Projects

For the last couple of weeks, our breakfast area has been a staging area of sorts. Containment for empty boxes. We haven't been sure what to do with the boxes. In Charlotte, we would have hauled them to the curb on garbage day and they would be picked up by a recycling truck OR we would put them on CraigsList and hope that someone paid us a little for them. In Hollywood {Alabama}, we have resorted to finally moving them to our basement until we can figure out an alternate way to get rid of them – maybe have a really big bonfire?

After clearing out the breakfast area, we finally got around to putting together our breakfast table and chairs. We have decided that if we don't have to physically put together the furniture we buy, then it is probably out of our price range. Besides, putting together our furniture guarantees that it is put together well.

Another project we had this weekend was to install a new closet organization in our master bedroom closet. The house came with wire mesh shelves, but no hanging bars for clothes and the shelving was not secured to studs... this type of shelving would have ripped out of the wall if we had put our clothes on it.

We opted to buy a ClosetMaid system that we had installed in our last house. We planned on buying white, but while shopping at Home Depot we discovered that all of the cherry shelving by ClosetMaid was half off. HALF OFF!!! After much discussion, we decided to go with the cheaper shelves so that we could buy more. 

We were able to install a majority of our shelves and hanging bars, but the very last shelf had bad cam locks. Daniel broke about 14 of them before we gave up. For now, the closet will stay partially unfinished until we can get some new cams from ClosetMaid. I am thrilled that I can go ahead and finally unpack most of our clothes. 

It has been a productive weekend, which makes me happy.


  1. Lol. So true about affording furniture you have to put together! We actually ended up getting a round table for our kitchen that looks similar to yours and Robert assembled it last night! I love it! Glad you got such a good deal on the closet organizers - they look pretty nice!

  2. Where did you guys get your table&chairs? We actually found ours at Walmart of all places. I like having the smaller table to sit at too :)


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