Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project 52 Date Nights: Unfinished Basement and Catfish

After all of our Thanksgiving company left, Daniel and I got focused on projects. Namely trying to decide whether or not to start our newest project: We are going to convert our unfinished basement into a furnished apartment to rent out.

You might be wondering who would rent an apartment in rural Alabama. We are betting on other TVA employees. This benefits us with potential renters who 1) we know have stable jobs and 2) who have already passed a myriad of background checks in order to qualify to work at a nuclear facility.

So that is our plan. Ideally we need to get insulation installed and an HVAC system in before the end of the year in order to qualify for a tax credit. So after much discussion, we decided to get a start on the project on Sunday and drove up to Guntersville to attend church and go by Lowes for some needed supplies.

For lunch, we stopped at the Top O' The River Restaurant for some catfish. We settled into a window booth with a view of the lake. I am learning that when you go to a catfish place with a view of the water, you almost always get a great view. The food is generally OK {my mom makes better}. I guess the view makes up for the food. 

Around these parts, we are also adapting to a not-so-anonymous lifestyle. If you go to Guntersville, you might run into someone you know. If you stop at Home Depot on the way home, you might run into someone else. Such is life in a small town.

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