Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Project 52 Date Nights: It's My Party

Last Thursday was my birthday. My 30th birthday to be exact. We normally alternate years and plan a birthday weekend getaway to celebrate our births {we do this in lieu of presents}. This year we agreed to birthday getaways for both of us because we both turned 30 and it felt like a bigger deal. Lucky for Daniel, my sister and brother came to town and he got to delay weekend plans. This, however, does not let him off the hook... he still owes me.

Anyways, he came home from work on Thursday with flowers – orange lily's. And then we got in the car and drove to Huntsville. 

I jokingly asked him if he was taking me to the Space Center to celebrate. Nope.
How about Chik-Fil-A? {We don't have one in Scottsboro}
Chinese? {He HATES Asian food}
I proceeded to list any restaurant we passed that was not in Scottsboro, just to be annoying :)

I also asked if we had reservations somewhere and he said, "Nope. It's a Thursday night, we should be fine."

After one wrong turn, we found our way to Connors Steak and Seafood Restaurant. When we pulled into the parking, I got nervous – was I dressed appropriately? {Jeans and a flannel shirt and sweater thrown on}. Daniel said I was fine.

After circling every row in the parking lot, we finally found a spot. We walked to the restaurant and found out that there was a 40 minute wait {so much for it being a Thursday night}. They took our cell phone number and we wondered out into the open air mall, hoping to find our way to the Barnes&Noble we had seen earlier. It actually worked out perfectly – we had time to walk, browse books and I even got a latte at the Starbucks. My parents called and sang Happy Birthday to me {they do this every year and I love it}. Then we received a call saying our table was available and we walked back. Perfect.

We ordered fried mushrooms and Daniel got a steak and I got fish and chips. We went half and half. The steak may have been the best steak I have ever tried. I would definitely recommend it. After dinner we were too stuffed for dessert and too tired to stay for a movie. So we drove home. 

Connors Steak & Seafood on Urbanspoon

It was a really sweet night.


  1. I'm glad you had a great 30th birthday. I would've picked Chick-Fil-A (we don't have one either).

  2. We have really been missing Chick-Fil-A since moving to the country! Most times that we go to the "city" we try to make a stop :)

  3. Nice! Steak is always a great birthday meal in my book! What a nice date with your husband though!


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