Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bike Parade and Ice Cream Social

Last Wednesday we attended the annual Bike Parade and Ice Cream Social at Clear Creek church of Christ where we worship. 

Unfortunately it started raining as everyone was arriving. However the rain only lasted as long as it took everyone to eat their ice cream and visit.

The back parking lot at the church building was roped off and the kids had a ball riding their bikes in big circles. 

There were big kids doing tricks on BMX bikes, toddlers on tricycles, a little guy on some kind of crazy bike-scooter cross over, and even a motorized pedi-cab which was a big hit with the kids. It was such a fun time.

I think Jack's favorite things were 1) pretending to conduct the big band music playing on the PA system; 2) getting off his trike to dance to the music; 3) riding off a curb and 4) riding in the wagon with friends.

I don't know what it is but big bands playing patriotic music (even if it is just being broadcast and not live) really makes me feel sappy and teary eyed. I guess it reminds me of my childhood.

I'm so glad that Jack got to participate in this bike parade since he didn't get to ride in the 4th of July one. After this outing, Daniel and I decided Jack has pretty much outgrown his tricycle and it's time to get him a real bike.

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