Saturday, July 12, 2014

Catching Up wtih a College Friend

A few weeks ago, one of my college roommates gave me a call to say she was going to be in Asheville for the 4th of July and was considering making a side trip to see me. 

The last time I saw Julie, Daniel and I were on our way to vacation in Vermont – I was pregnant and her daughter, Halle, was about a month old. 

Of course I said that I wanted to see her.

It is hard to believe that Julie and I have known each other for about 14 years, or that we graduated from college 12 years ago. 

Now we are all grown up with families of our own. Time is really flying by.

I love that Julie could drop into my life again, with her two little ones, and it was as if no time had passed. 

We stayed up visiting each night, eating ice cream and talking about life as we know it now. We were sad that Luke couldn't make this trip.

During the days she was here, we visited Coolidge Park to let the kids ride the carousel and play in the fountains. 

We also went to the local library to see the Noah's Little Ark Petting Zoo (we lucked out that they were the summer feature for story hour the week Julie was here). 

The kids loved petting the animals (though Jack got nipped by a duck). 

Jack and Halle also got to ride a pony. Halle was a pro on the little horse, but Jack was a little nervous and grasped onto my arm for the entire ride.

After our visit to the library, we went to the Y and Julie took the bootcamp class with me. Did you know you get a first time visit to the Y for free? Childcare and all? 

Julie was a trooper and did great. It was so much fun to hang out with my friend last week.

Jack had also enjoyed having two friends stay at our house and Halle and Jack played really well together the entire time. 

Each night at bedtime, Halle would come climb into bed next to Jack while we read bedtime stories. Then they would fist bump, or high five and she would go get tucked into her bed. It was really sweet. Every day since they left, Jack has asked where Brennan or Halle is.

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