Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Love Where You Live: Independence Day Festivities

One of our favorite things about our new town is the sense of community. From gathering together for the local Easter Egg Hunt to meeting new people at the local parks, Signal Mountain provides a community like we have never experienced before.

After our late night in downtown Chattanooga for the fireworks, we set alarms to make sure we were up in time for the local bike parade. We met friends at the parade and got settled on a picnic blanket. 

Anyone can join the parade, along with the local fire engines and ambulance. There were plenty of politicians, but also lots of kids riding their festive bikes. We even also saw some ambitious boys on pogo sticks.

We had a blast seeing everyone come out to celebrate the fourth. Jack was really excited about all of the candy – once he figured out that he could collect it from the grass in front of us. As Daniel pointed out, parades are like Halloween for lazy people. 

After the parade passed us, we packed up and walked behind the parade about a mile to the local country club. 

The kids played on the playground there and the local Lions Club had BBQ for sale. We enjoyed a picnic lunch while listening to a local band play. Have I mentioned we love how community-oriented this town is?

When our bellies were full, we headed home for naps. 

After naptime, we headed to our friend's house to enjoy a cookout before the fireworks. It was so nice to visit and Jack had a ton of fun playing with the other kids. After supper, we cleaned up and headed back to the country club to play while we waited for it to get dark.

I grew up thinking of the country club as kind of an elite thing. You don't go to the club (much less out on the golf course) unless you are a member of the club.

Just like in February when we joined the locals sledding down on the hills of the golf course, I felt a little bit like a rebel breaking the rules by setting up camp chairs and blankets on the golf course.

It was so fun to visit and play and watch the kids run around burning off their energy. Before dusk, we got out the watermelon and our friends got out glow sticks for the kids.

Once the kids were decorated with glowing necklaces and bracelets, they hunted for fireflies until the fireworks started.

The fireworks display was a great show. This time Daniel had the foresight to bring ear plugs for Jack and he didn't seem to be bothered by the loud booms. 

Overall a great night. We feel so blessed to live where we live, to be able to celebrate with friends and to remember the sacrifices that allow us the freedoms we have today.

We definitely love where we live. I hope you had a great Independence Day!

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