Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cooking with Pinterest.9

Below are my thoughts on new recipes I tried over the last couple of weeks. I had one major meal flop, and a couple of excellent non-recipe meals. We have been enjoying our grill this summer.

Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Skillet via Diethood

This meal comes together quickly. Perfect for a weeknight meal. You can really add just about any combination of veggies you have on hand. Anything goes with chicken and rice.

 Parent Score 4/5 | Toddler Score 4/5

BBQ Spaghetti Casserole via Spicy Southern Kitchen
I don't know that I have ever tried BBQ spaghetti before, but this was an excellent meal. It made lots of leftovers which were perfect for Daniel to take to lunch. 

I used whole wheat spaghetti to make it a little healthier and chicken instead of pulled pork. The flavors were really great. I served this with a side of corn.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

Grilled Salmon with Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms and Corn on the Cob 
This was an example of a meal that didn't turn out how I expected, though it looked yummy. To start, the salmon I picked up from our local grocery store ended up tasting a bit funny when it came of the grill.

Then the mushrooms were good, but the bacon didn't cook through enough – note to self, don't use thick cut bacon. The recipe for the mushrooms is from TastyKitchen, I may give it another try in the future.

Finally, the recipe floating around (via All Recipes) that calls for boiling corn in a combination of milk, cream, water, butter and sugar didn't turn out to be anything special, the corn was good, but not anything spectacular. It just tasted like sweet corn to me.

Parent Score 2/5 | Toddler Score 2/5

Surf-and-Turf Grill
This is an example of a lovely non-Pinterest meal we grilled. Sometimes it's nice to just throw a bunch of yummy food on the grill. I seasoned the steak and mushrooms with some steak sauce before skewering them and tossing on the grill. 

For the shrimp and sea scallops, we made a sauce of butter and garlic that did not disappoint. We had to time the food since the steak took about twice as long as the seafood. It all came out perfectly. 

We picked up the meat and seafood from our local our local seafood shop, Siren's Seafood and Meat Market, and I think it made a huge difference in the quality of our meal.

For sides we made pico de gallo (my brother threw this together) and baked sweet potato fries. The entire meal was a hit with everyone.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

Sweet and Sour Chicken Kabobs
Originally I had planned to make Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken, but in the end the grill seemed like a better option.

I threaded chicken, pork, bell peppers, mushrooms and pineapple on skewers then coated everything with a combination of teriyaki, hoisin and soy sauce. I also made a little extra sauce for dipping. 

This was a really sweet and savory dish that we all liked. Jack is a big fan of skewers that include pineapple. This dish was plenty on it's own but a side of rice would be good with it as well.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

Low Country Grill via Pink Parsley
If you live in the south you are familiar with the idea of a Low Country Boil – it usually has corn, potatoes, smoked sausage and shrimp or crawfish. When I came across the recipe for a Low Country Grill, I knew I had to try it. 

This recipe has all of the same components but you make it quickly on the grill instead of waiting for everything to boil. You do have to pre-boil the potatoes, but you finish them on the grill. I added chicken to my grill and the entire thing turned out to be incredibly delicious. I would definitely recommend this recipe.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

Sausage Pinwheels
This is a family favorite that I grew up with. For holidays, we will make homemade biscuit dough, then roll sausage into it to form a log. Finally you freeze your roll and then slice and bake when you are ready to cook. I have recently started making this when we have company, but I have been cheating and using refrigerated croissant dough from the grocery store instead of homemade. It is a really fast dish to make and always a hit.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

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