Thursday, July 10, 2014

Independence Day Weekend: My Brother Visits

To continue with our 4th of July weekend fun, we were excited that my brother (Jack's Uncle Mark) decided to come spend part of the weekend with us. Jack is very social and loves when anyone comes to visit, especially family.

Mark arrived Saturday morning and after lunch and some visiting we decided to head over to Chickamauga Lake in Hixson to take a dip in the lake. 

The water was nice and cool but the beach area is rocky and there were lots of people.

I am still in the process of trying to get Jack more comfortable in the water, but he absolutely refused to wear the puddle jumper we recently bought him (that he picked out). 

One of these days we will get him in the water!

After swimming, I dropped Mark and Jack at Chick-fil-a to get ice cream while I picked up groceries for dinner.

We decided to grill a surf-and-turf spread. The steak, shrimp and sea scallops were all really delicious. 

To go along with our meat, we made homemade sweet potato fries and pico with chips. 

I love having my brother visit, because after we made our delicious spread he jumped in and did almost all of the clean up!

Mark was really sweet and offered to read books to Jack at bedtime. He did a great first-time reading of the Dr. Seuss book "Fox in Sox." I kept waiting for him to mess up and he never did.

Sunday afternoon while Jack napped, Mark and I went to grab coffee at one of the newest cafes on Signal Mountain, The Olive Bean Cafe – a cafe combined with a grocery store that sells local food. I am looking forward to trying out the various grains from their bulk bins as well as picking up some farm fresh eggs.

It was nice to sit on the front porch of the cafe and sip a latte. I am so glad there is a place to get good coffee (in an actual mug) on Signal Mountain now. I'm looking forward to taking Daniel to the Olive Bean for a coffee date.

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