Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Date Night: Nightfall

For the last couple of years, Justin, one of Daniel's co-workers has asked us on several occasions to come see his band, Function, play in Chattanooga. Normally at bars... late at night. Since we have a toddler, it never worked out for us to go.

Last week we learned that Function was going to be the featured act at Nightfall and we thought that it would be a good opportunity to see Justin play.

Nightfall is a free, family-friendly concert series held in downtown Chattanooga from early May through September every year. We have been wanting to go, but have been pretty busy all summer. Thankfully we were able to kill two birds with one stone – attend Nightfall and finally get to see Justin play.

Before heading to watch the show, we made a stop at Lupi's for a pizza. Then we snagged a parking really close to Miller Plaza and even found a section of grass to put a blanket on. Score for good pizza, close parking and a grassy spot to sit!

Jack really enjoyed hamming it up for the people sitting around us. Once the music started he liked pretending to play his version of guitar (holding his hands close together and pretending to strum). We stayed until about 9pm and even ran into one of the operators that Daniel works with.

Nightfall was a great way to spend an evening as a family. Free family date nights are the way to go! Well the pizza cost $, but was definitely worth it.


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