Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Then and Now

70s Roller Skating Trip, Spring 2001

Since having one of my college roommates visit last week, I have been thinking about some of the differences in my life since my college days.

Swimming at Heber Springs, not sure year, maybe 2001?

In college, eating a pizza at midnight was no big deal.
Now, late-night pizza would give me heartburn and mean exhaustion the next morning. Instead a bowl of frozen yogurt after putting Jack to bed is more my speed. That and going to sleep by 10pm.

Hanging out with friends, possibly Spring 2001?

In college, going out to eat meant fast food (and a break from the cafeteria). It was cheap and I had no money.
These days, going out to eat means a nice break from cooking and dishes... and it's NEVER fast food.

Spring Sing, Spring 2001

In college I collected all of my favorite music on CDs.
Now I listen to the local 80s and 90s radio station or Pandora. Mostly "classic" rock and lots of kids music as well.

Zurich, Switzerland, Summer 1999

In college, I went to the movies almost every weekend.
Currently watching a movie in a theater is a treat. I think we go twice a year. For one thing it got expensive, but mostly, we haven't really found a babysitter.

San Diego, Spring Break 2000

In college, gas cost between $0.70 and $1.10 a gallon.
These days gas never costs less than $3.00 a gallon.

Caving Trip, Spring 2001

In college my social life revolved around meeting up with friends in the caf or student center and figuring out what to do.
Now, social life is going to the gym and chatting with other moms on the playground. My friends tend to be the parents of Jack's friends.

Club Pledging Week, Fall 2001

In college, I took 18-20 hours every semester and worked as many hours as I could waiting tables at the Dixie Cafe.
After 8+ years working as a full-time graphic designer, I am now a full-time stay-at-home mom. On the side I do some freelance design projects (often late at night or during Jack's naptime).

Above Multnomah Falls, Oregon, Spring Break 2001

In college, I liked to spend weekends hiking, camping, canoeing or caving (anything outdoors).
I still love to do those things but have to plan a little more to accommodate our almost-three-year-old.

Rome, Italy, Summer 1999

In college vacation meant going home for the summer, couch surfing or camping.
Now a vacation means renting a vacation home for a week and enjoying the mountains or the beach with my little family.

Toronto, Ontario, Spring Break 2002

Speaking of vacation, Daniel has been working long hours with very few days off... I think it's about time we took a vacation.

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