Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chattanooga Lookouts

After three weeks of barely seeing Daniel, we are thrilled to have him home for an ENTIRE weekend! We are making up for lost time and cramming lots of summer activities into this one weekend.

To start, Thursday night we went to a picnic at the Lookouts Game that was hosted by NAYGN, an organization at Daniel's work. We had burgers and met some of Daniel's co-workers from the plant where he now works. There were even a couple of other toddler boys for Jack to roam around with.

I think the highlight for Jack was getting to eat ice cream sandwiches.

Though a close second would be checking out the lawnmowers that were displayed for an upcoming lawnmower race – they were nice enough to let Jack sit on a couple of the lawnmowers.

Jack also invented his own game that involved throwing an empty cup over the bleacher chairs and running to get it, over and over.

We didn't watch that much of the game. We left during the 5th inning and the Lookouts weren't doing so well. But we still had a nice evening out.

As we left, Jack cried and emphatically told us that he wanted to stay at the game and that he wasn't ready to go home. 

Poor guy. It's rough being a toddler. 

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