Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Visit

We have only been in our house for about 5 months but we have already had plenty of guests. I'm so glad that we are able to host friends and loved ones. Our house feels like a bit of a retreat and I'm thankful that we can share that experience with others.

This weekend my aunt and her family drove over from Ashland City, TN. Daniel had to work for part of the weekend, which meant he didn't get to visit much, but it was nice for Jack and I to have visitors.

Jack must really be missing Daniel because once my aunt, uncle and cousins arrived he was really wound up. I don't think I have ever seen him so hyper and excited. 

We let him stay up late all weekend which meant he slept in (score!). Unfortunately it was rainy and foggy the whole time my family was here, but we all enjoyed being lazy and drinking coffee and visiting.

Saturday night after dinner, my Aunt Becky mentioned that Daniel and I could sneak out for a date if we wanted. It hadn't even crossed our mind to do this because Daniel had just worked about 100 hours in 8 days and we were both exhausted.

But we felt like we couldn't turn down a date opportunity, so we decided to leave bedtime duties to my aunt and cousin and we went to Nino's Pastaria (now just called Hummingbird Pastaria) for coffee and dessert.

I'm so grateful that my aunt suggested that we sneak off. It is the first time in two weeks that Daniel and I had had a semi-long conversation. We left the restaurant at 9:30pm and realized that closing time was 9! Thankfully they didn't hurry us out, and there were a few other tables still eating when we left.

For Sunday lunch, Daniel's dad and his wife joined us. As I prepped our burgers I realized we had no propane in our grill. We have been talking about refilling it but Daniel has been so busy with work that he hadn't gotten around to it. Thankfully our friends on the mountain came to the rescue. Daniel hurried over to the Reynolds and picked up a propane tank. Lunch was late but that gave us time to visit.

We had a lovely weekend and Jack loved all of the extra attention.

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